The Famous Warehouse for Cheap Eats!

Yes, the infamous dirt cheap $4.99 menu of The Famous Warehouse is no new surprise to most Vancouverites, but unfortunately it was news to AvocadoHater and I. NiceGirl decided that a long needed catch up session was needed, and chose to go to the Famous Warehouse for lunch so that AvocadoHater and I could try some real cheap pub food. Because let’s face it, repaying that god awful student loan is hard enough already when you’re unable to resist all the markdowns and sales this time of the year.

Heading inside the pub, I noticed the interior was quite dirty and overall unhygienic  which was not really my taste in atmosphere, but for $4.99 meals in a pub, I can’t complain. The waitress was kind and attentive, albeit a bit slow.

To start, we ordered an item to share off the specials – the Chorizo Quesadilla.


The quesadilla was warm and filling and full of cheesy goodness. On a cold rainy day, it was tasty enough to just hit the spot. The salsa, however, was quite weak. It was watered down, and lacking in spices and flavour. Overall, the quesadilla was quite nice, but nothing fantastic as it is actually quite hard to screw up a quesadilla.

Next, we each ordered our own separate dish. After some debate, I decided to order the Fish Tacos.


The dish came with 4 tacos, held together in pairs by toothpicks. A lime was given to garnish the dish, but was actually already dried up to my disgust. The tacos themselves were quite hard to eat, but in general lacked any flavour. The dip was perhaps the only thing that tasted alright, but even when paired with the dip, the tacos still lacked flavour, despite being filled with ingredients. Overall, a disappointing dish for sure.

AvocadoHater ordered the Soft Tacos, and remarked that this would be her first taco…ever. Glad to know that NiceGirl and I would be there to take her taco virginity (hehe).


The dish came with 3 tacos in soft shells, as the name would suggest. AvocadoHater generously offered me a taste, and upon the first bite I could already tell it was a weak taco. The fillings were sporadic throughout the taco, and the overall taco lacked flavour and depth. Again, the salsa was watered down and tasteless. AvocadoHater thought it was alright, but I honestly thought it was horrible.

NiceGirl seemed to be the only one who ordered a satisfactory dish, the Works Burger, from the recommendation by her boyfriend.


The Works Burger came with a huge burger and a bucket of fries. The buns were nicely toasted and the patty hot and moist, not dry at all. The fries were nice, but a bit oily. Overall, NiceGirl said she would come back and order this item again.

In the end, the bill for 4 dishes split between 3 people only came out to be $22.16. Needless to say, we were absolutely stuffed. However, this is without a doubt a quantity over quality meal. I would not actively seek out to eat here again, since it seemed that tasteless food was a trend here, but I would return if I was short in the cash department and my companions would like to return.


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Thanks for reading!

- Jess

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