Guu is most definitely GUUD

Update: *Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posts during the winter holidays, but I was too caught up in trying to enjoy what little of a break I had from school to spend time with friends and family. (UBC, you suck for starting school on January 2nd… that’s just ridiculous!)  On the bright side, I ate out A TON this month, and will be sharing all my thoughts with you guys in the next few upcoming posts! Hope everyone had a great holiday season, and a great new years =] I have to admit, although summer is my absolute  favourite season, the month of December is dear to my heart. Despite the horrid exam season, December is my birthday month, and in general I just enjoy the holiday season, not having school, and enjoying the company of friends and family. With that being said, let’s get started on my first post in 2013! YAYYY*

A day before my birthday,  my best friend AvocadoHater and I went for a long needed dinner& date. As we had both just finished exams, we decided to just forget about all things stressful, and just eat and chat. We headed to Guu at Gastown, because I just love the atmosphere there. To be honest, I eat there way too often, but I’m trying to branch out to the other Guu restaurants!

To start, AvocadoHater ordered a pint of Sapporo and I had the Erotic Samurai cocktail.

Photo 2012-12-16 6 53 48 PM

Pint of Sapporo:  $6

AvocadoHater is a huge beer girl, and wouldn’t settle for a classy cocktail! (LOL)

Photo 2012-12-16 6 53 59 PM

Erotic Samurai: $6

On the menu, the cocktail was spelled “Erotic Sumrai,” but on the bill it was spelled “Erotic Samurai,” so I just assumed it was a typo on the menu. The cocktail is a mix of vodka, calpico, 7up, grenadine, and grape juice. I love anything with calpico, so needless to say I enjoyed the drink. the gradient of colours was really interesting, but the taste of the drink is definitely more catered towards females. It was sweet and bubbly… I love Japanese cocktails.

We ordered the Takowasa as an appetizer.

Photo 2012-12-16 6 54 58 PM

Takowasa: $3.50

Takowasa is an appetizer with a kick! It is a mixture of cooked bits of octopus and wasabi. You are supposed to scoop some of the mixture onto a piece of seaweed provided, wrap it up, and eat it. I really enjoyed the spicy nose stinging kick, and the chewy texture of the octopus with the crisp seaweed really went together nicely.

Next we ordered a few seafood dishes. We got the Maguro Tataki, the Grilled Black Cod, and the Ebimayo.

Photo 2012-12-16 6 58 39 PM

Maguro Tataki: $7.80

The Maguro Tataki was SO GUUD! AvocadoHater and I both love raw seafood, and this tataki was perfectly seared so that while there was that slightly seared taste, the fish was still very light and fresh tasting. The garlic chips and ponzu sauce just made the entire dish perfection, and we could not get enough of this dish… we even ate all the daikon (grated radish) in the end.

Photo 2012-12-16 7 13 13 PM

Photo 2012-12-16 7 13 09 PM

Grilled Black Cod: $11.20

The next dish is the Grilled Black Cod. The presentation of the dish was very nice, they even wrote out Guu in mayonnaise sauce on the side. The cod was quite small, but the fish was buttery soft and each bite brought on a bigger bite. The herbs really enhanced the taste of the fish, and both AvocadoHater and I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

Photo 2012-12-16 7 05 05 PM

Ebimayo: $7.80

When the Ebimayo first arrived, I was quite disappointed. The dish look good, smelled amazing, but on the first bite, I was completely let down. The batter was soft, not crispy at all!  However, after waiting a minute or two, I tried another piece and the batter was a lot crispier.  I realized that they served the dish right after the prawns were deep fried, and they haven’t had time to cool yet, so obviously it would still be soft. We waited a few minutes and tried another piece, and it was perfect. The prawns weren’t mushy, and the mayo was excellently paired. Next time, we will remember to wait XD

At this point, AvocadoHater and I were both feeling slightly full, but we wanted to try one more dish, so we ordered the Chicken Karaage.

Photo 2012-12-16 7 32 47 PM

Photo 2012-12-16 7 32 54 PM (1)

Chicken Karaage: $5.20

Once again, we forgot to let  the Chicken Karaage cool down before we started eating it, so the skin wasn’t as crispy yet. But by our second piece, the skin was nice and crispy, and the meat inside was moist and juicy, with a  lot of flavour. The garlic mayo paired well with the Chicken Karaage as well.

Overall, the meal was fantastic, as expected from one of my favourite izakaya restaurants. I will most definitely be coming again, but probably not for a while, since my wallet is still hurting from that one.

Guu Otokomae on Urbanspoon

Thanks for reading!
– Jess

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