A DineOut Vancouver Meal at Joe Fortes

Hey readers! As all of you know (unless you’ve been living under a rock >=o) the Vancouver fine dining scene has been in a frenzy. Everyone has been trying out new fine dining (aka EXPENSIVE) restaurants through the Dine Out Vancouver 2013 festival going on right now. I’ve been to 2 dine outs so far this year: Maria’s Taverna and Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House. Unfortunately I went the last few days of dine out, so by the time these posts go up dine out will be over already. Still I hope you guys enjoy the posts! Let’s get started first with my visit to Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House.

Photo 2013-02-01 8 34 42 PM

I went on a Friday night, with my best girlfriends FitnessFreak, LeggingLover, and SushiGirl. Kudos to FitnessFreak for making a reservation online the minute the dine out menus came out. We’ve been planning this date for weeks since we were celebrating SushiGirl’s birthday, and it was the perfect excuse to go try out a high end restaurant.

Photo 2013-02-01 8 33 08 PM

Photo 2013-02-01 6 47 22 PM                                                Photo 2013-02-01 6 47 45 PM
We were given some complimentary bread first off and let’s just say, this is NOT your average complimentary bread. The bread was freshly toasted and was served with a lobster oil and balsamic vinegar, which went with the bread perfectly. It was an amazing pairing and all 4 of us just couldn’t stop eating the bread!

Alright so first up, appies! There was a choice of 3 appetizers: New England clam chowder, classic Caesar salad, and jumbo prawn cocktail. SushiGirl, FitnessFreak, and I all chose the jumbo prawn cocktail.

Photo 2013-02-01 7 00 26 PM
The prawns were amazing! They really were jumbo sized, and each bite gave way to a nice springy crunch. You could tell the prawns were fresh and they paired perfectly with the cocktail sauce and a spritz of lemon.

Photo 2013-02-01 7 00 50 PM
LeggingLover ordered the New England clam chowder, and she said it tasted great!

Photo 2013-02-01 7 00 16 PM
Next up are oysters! All of us decided that since Joe Fortes is famous for their oysters, we should order some to try as it was unlikely that we would come back anytime soon (due to the high price). We each ordered the Kumamoto Olympic Peninsula from Washington ($3.60). These were small sized oysters that tasted sweet. I also ordered the Kusshi Bayne Sound ($3.60) which was a small yet plump and juicy oyster that tasted buttery smooth. I enjoyed them both, as I like my oysters smaller so that they can be downed easily like shooters. However, my companions did prefer the larger sized oysters better. SushiGirl in particular liked the Joe’s Gold Reid Island.

Photo 2013-02-01 7 22 54 PM
After our oysters, the stars of our meal came. Here, I was the oddball and ordered the Sautéed Prawns & Scallops w/ artichoke ravioli, roasted red pepper, tomato cream. These were amazing. The sauce was a little unexpected as I didn’t realize that it came with a creamy sauce, but paired with everything, delicious nonetheless. The prawns were large and fresh, again with a nice snap to each bite. The scallops were a bit on the smaller side, but weren’t the frozen kind for sure, and they still tasted great; scallops are my favourite so I loved them anyways. Finally I was a bit taken back with the artichoke ravioli. There wasn’t a lot of ravioli, but that’s because each piece of ravioli was huge! I found myself needing to cut each piece of ravioli into 4-6 pieces for easier bites. The raviolis tasted great, with the artichoke flavour really coming through.

Photo 2013-02-01 7 24 01 PM
Everyone else ordered the New York Steak w/ garlic mashed potatoes, market vegetables. FitnessFreak generously offered me a slice of her steak, and it tasted great! We all enjoyed our entrees.

Photo 2013-02-01 8 05 04 PM
Finally, we have our desserts. FitnessFreak, SushiGirl, and I all ordered the Tahitian Vanilla Crème Brulee w/ cinnamon biscotti. Crème brulee is my favourite dessert, so I had high hopes. First off, the dish was huge! It was definitely a large dessert, and I had trouble finishing it off. The custard was nice, slightly too sweet, but nothing unbearable. The hardest part, however, was getting the caramel top burnt just right. This one was just slightly over burnt, which was a bummer. The crème brulee wasn’t excellent, but a solid effort.

Photo 2013-02-01 8 05 15 PM
LeggingLover ordered the Chocolate Lava Cake w/ brandied cherries, vanilla gelato. She loved it, but it was way too sweet for my liking.

Photo 2013-02-01 8 35 38 PM

Overall, our meal at Joe Fortes was one to remember. Everyone was thoroughly satisfied with our meals, and the service was top notch. The atmosphere was classy and sophisticated, with live music and elegant decorations. A must visit indeed, at least once, for that extra special occasion.

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Thanks for reading!

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