Suika: Amazing food, long chats, and the best friends forever

This is a very, very delayed post, but I think it’s still important to get this out to you readers anyways. A few months ago in celebration for my birthday (I know, it’s been a while >_<), I had a great night out with my best girls. As a food blogger and an avid Japanese food lover in general, I’ve been dying to eat at Suika Snackbar. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will probably have heard of Suika, the more casual and trendy sister restaurant to Kingyo. After spending literally weeks stalking all the blog posts and salivating over pictures, I knew I had to eat at Suika for my big day. Besties SushiGirl, FitnessFreak, and LeggingLover thankfully agreed!

Suika literally means “watermelon” in Japanese, so the entire restaurant was decorated with nifty watermelon things. The second we walked in, a friendly and enthusiastic waitress seated us to a table. Despite it being a busy Saturday night, the waitress was attentive and we did not feel neglected at all. I was given the golden opportunity to just order what I wanted, and while it may be slightly dangerous, I tried to keep my excitement to a mere squeak and limit my order.

Photo 2012-12-28 7 13 07 PM

First off, we ordered the famous Deluxe Appetizer Box ($10) which is basically a box that holds 9 different kinds of delicious appetizers. It was a great appetizer to share with many friends as there is plenty of food for every to try at least a bit of. From what I could remember, there were some lotus roots, crackers with lobster cream cheese mixture, cold tofu, tomatoes, octopus, tuna tataki, cucumbers, and neitoro tarter. I can’t really remember the other items that this dish came with, but rest assured this was a good signiture appy that is a must order!

Next off, we ordered the Sashimi Salad ($7.80). I had originally wanted their signature Sashimi Shake Salad, but was disappointed when the waitress said they don’t make them anymore. However, she assured me that the sashimi salad was essentially the same thing, just without the shaking process. I hesitantly ordered it.

Photo 2012-12-28 7 19 50 PM

And I’m glad I did! While it might not look like it, the salad actually contains a lot of sashimi! I was so surprised to find piece after piece of sashimi, and they were all fresh and delicious. The salad itself was alright, nothing special really. This is really a good bang for your buck, and I highly recommend this dish.

Photo 2012-12-28 7 23 08 PM

Next up is the Negitoro Battera ($9.80).  This sucker was quite expensive, ten bucks for just 6 pieces. This received many raves and recommendations in various blogs, so I was very excited to try it out. The battera is a pressed sushi, and it was so creamy it literally melted in my mouth.  The sauce on top was a perfect pairing as well, slightly sweet and tangy. However, while it was quite tasty, it really wasn’t anything fantastic that I would rave about. Especially with the slightly high price, I felt it was not worth it.

Again with all the raves, I knew I just had to order the Corn Kakiage ($4.80). After one bite, I fell in love. This is such a simple, yet innovative dish. Everyone has had chicken karrage, or ebi mayo, or just any old tempura, but who has heard of corn kakiage? No? I didn’t think so.

Photo 2012-12-28 7 23 48 PM

The bits of corn were deep fried together. They were perfectly crunchy and crispy, well flavoured and salted, but as you bit into the actual corn pieces, a burst of sweetness and juicy corn flavour exploded into your mouth. It’s slightly overpriced for deep fried pieces of corn, but just order it. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Photo 2012-12-28 7 23 55 PM

Another signature item that we ordered was the Tokyo Oxtail Ramen ($9.80). This was a fine dish at a reasonable price. The broth was nice and rich, full of flavour. The ramen was perfect as well, cooked just right. I know that oxtail is expensive stuff. However, we all still felt that a little bit more meat wouldn’t be that much of a hassle, as there was hardly any!

Finally, the last dish is the Kakuni Bibimbap ($8.80). This was a last minute add-on since we were afraid that the previous dishes wouldn’t fill us up. Thanks to FitnessFreak, we agreed on the Kakuni Bibimbap.

Photo 2012-12-28 7 49 26 PM

Let’s just say thank goodness for FitnessFreak because it would be a terrible tragedy to not have tasted this wonderful Bibimbap. Unfortunately, I took the picture after the waitress mixed it up. But despite the appearance, this dish was positively amazing. The rice was packed full of flavour and everything was well tenderized by the fatty pork belly. Although it was a bit oily, my only real complaint here is that I wish there was more pork belly! Other than that, another well recommended dish that’s well worth the price as well.

Photo 2012-12-28 8 04 40 PM

For dessert, we ordered their infamous Matcha Brûlée ($4.80). First off, crème brûlée is one of my favourite desserts of all time, so I just knew that I had to try the matcha green tea version. Second, the price is excellent for the 2 slices we got. The dessert itself tasted great, albeit slightly icy, but nothing I couldn’t forgive for the amazing matcha flavour.

Finally, I couldn’t help but to take a photo of their signature beer bottle chandelier. As the name suggests, it’s a chandelier made out of Japanese beer bottles! How crazy and amazing is that!?!

Photo 2012-12-28 7 43 43 PM

Overall, Suika is an amazing restaurant, and is a top contender in the izakaya business in Vancouver. All Japanese food lovers should try this place out. I had the most wonderful time eating and chatting with my friends. SushiGirl, FitnessFreak, and LeggingLover even paid for my bill, on top of a wonderful present – I was so moved and happy, their gestures really meant a lot to me. Stay tuned for part 2 of our day, where we went to another restaurant for round two! (We couldn’t help it, we’re fatties >_<)

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Thanks for reading!

- Jess

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