Original Joe’s – Eating with the Sun

Near the beginning of the month, I had a wonderful time planning a fun and educational event with my fellow team members: the AIESEC UBC March General Assembly . While there were a few sleepless nights, it was completely worth it in the end when multiple people came up to me and told me it was one of the best general assemblies that they’ve been to. I was so glad that everyone found the day fun and exciting. After some awesome but tiring dancing at the end, we were all very hungry. We headed over to Original Joe’s for an early dinner as part of the dinner social afterwards.

We arrived at around 4:30pm, and were seated at a large booth corner as we reserved previously for 20 people. Everyone was happy that it was finally a sunny and bright day in raincover, so the happiness spread on and everyone was quite chirpy the entire afternoon. At my table, most people ordered some drinks to start. I didn’t feel like ordering any drinks, but my awesome vice-president JudgingYou ordered a margaritas that looked cool and delicious.

XLB was super generous and ordered the Calamari ($10.50) for the entire table to share.

Photo 2013-03-02 5 13 40 PM

The calamari wasn’t as crispy as I would’ve liked, and quite dry as well. You definitely need to dip the tzatziki and squeeze some lemon juice on top to add flavour to the calamari as it is nearly flavourless as well. There was plenty of calamari though, and it is a great starter to share with large groups.

The Red Tractor Nachos ($16.50) was also ordered and shared with everyone at our table.

Photo 2013-03-02 5 22 24 PM

Let’s just say nachos are almost always a hit… especially with all those delicious toppings! There were olives, onions, jalapeños, tomatoes, and lots of melted cheesy goodness. There was also 3 dips, guacamole (my fav!), salsa, and sour cream, but I am not sure if there was an extra charge involved. This is just ol’ good comfort food, and super tasty with the cheese, toppings, and dips combined. Very pricey, but there is a lot of nachos.

Finally, I ordered the Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich ($12.75) for myself.

Photo 2013-03-02 5 40 39 PM

For the sandwich, you had the choice of choosing 2 sides with it – I got some fries with gravy and a bacon-egg salad. The bacon-egg salad was alright… the bacon bits weren’t really crispy and the salad itself was nothing to write home about. The fries were average, but the thick cut was nice. Now onto the sandwich itself, the pulled pork was marinated beautifully. It was nicely seasoned and slightly  sweet, oozing with peppered BBQ sauce and topped with honey slaw. This was a huge sandwich and it took great effort to eat it while making a big mess as well. The taste was great though, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, the portion was just too large and I only ate about two-thirds of the sandwich, a bit of the fries, and a bite of the salad before feeling completely full and bloated. 

After we received our dishes, everyone continued chatting while eating. Even after we finished eating, everyone just stayed continued to talk. The sun was still high in the sky when we began and as we progressed with our meal, the sun continued to set. When we finally left the restaurant, the sky was completely dark. We basically ate along with the sunset, which was an awesome experience since our the restaurant was on the second floor with enormous glass windows, so the view was spectacular.

Overall,  the food was fine, and the meal was made better with great service and great view along with great company. Although Original Joe’s is a chain restaurant, the food here wasn’t bad at all since usually the food at chain restaurants are not the best as quality control is not always guaranteed. The food wasn’t the best, especially for the price, but I definitely enjoyed my meal here. 

Original Joe's Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

Thanks for reading!

- Jess

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