Midam Rice Cake House: Delicious Desserts!

As promised, here’s part 2 from my day at Suika. After dinner, we headed back to the Lougheed area for desserts. To everyone’s disbelief, I have never been to Midam Rice Cake House before. SushiGirl, LeggingLover, and FitnessFreak all decided that they had to take my “Midam Virginity.”

Midam is a traditional Korean style restaurant hidden within the same complex as Bikram Yoga Burnaby. While there is a variety of drinks, traditional Korean food, and desserts, it is most popular for its desserts. While the restaurant isn’t exactly small, it is located on the ground floor and tucked away in a corner, making it very hard to find. I’ve been told by others before that this is a restaurant where you should take a Korean with you, as the waitresses don’t speak fluent English and the menu is hard to understand. However, perhaps the menu has changed because when we looked at the menu, it was full of pictures with fine English translations, which made ordering very simple and easy. They even had a call button at every table for people to request the waitress, which is very common in restaurants in Korea.

After much deliberation, we finally decided on 2 dishes and a drink. We ordered a bottle of Yoghurt Soju to share first.

Photo 2012-12-28 9 40 41 PM

This tasted delicious! Nice and cool, just like the Yakult Yoghurt drinks that I used to drink when I was little. There wasn’t a harsh alcoholic taste to it as well, so it’s perfect for girls. ;)

We also got some waffles with fruit and ice-cream which looks absolutely scrumptious!

Photo 2012-12-28 9 47 33 PM

The waffles were great! They were nice and warm, slightly crispy on the outside while soft on the inside. Maple syrup was sparingly poured on top, and powdered sugar was dusted on top as well. To the left, there were some cut up pieces of banana and strawberry and 3 scoops of ice-cream: vanilla, chocolate, and green tea. Some chocolate syrup was also squirted on top. These were all simple ingredients, just done very well with excellent presentation that just made the dish incredibly enjoyable. We would definitely order this again!

We also ordered a fish stock soup with mussels.

Photo 2012-12-28 9 49 49 PM

The fish stock soup is a common starter at most Korean alcohol establishes, which we’ve tried and loved before. This dish here is a step up from that with the inclusion of spring onions and clams. There were definitely plenty of clams for us all to share, and I personally LOVE spring onions, so that’s definitely a plus. Even though the soup is basically all MSG, it still tasted great, and the clams were tasty as well.

Photo 2013-03-24 12 56 19 AM

On another visit to Midam with NiceGirl and AvocadoHater, we ordered some desserts to chat with each other since NiceGirl was having some relationship problems. While we continued our girl talk, the desserts were the perfect dishes to share.

Photo 2013-02-21 1 56 58 PM

We ordered the green tea ice-cream with red bean shaved ice. This was a mind-blowing dish. There were red beans, along with some rice cake cubes coated with green tea powder, topped with a scoop of green tea ice-cream. Everything sat nicely on top of the shaved ice, and sprinkled with some almond bits. Everything tasted amazing together. The chewy textures of the rice cakes with the soft textures of the red bean and the crunchy texture of the shaved ice was a great mishmash of textures which worked great together.

Photo 2013-02-21 1 57 15 PM

We also ordered the strawberry yoghurt parfait with mochi. This parfait came with plain yoghurt, strawberry yoghurt, strawberries, mochi, and cornflakes. Again, the chewiness of the mochi contrasted very well with the great crunch of the cornflakes, which made for an excellent bite. Altogether a good parfait.

Midam Rice Cake House is an exceptional place for desserts and long chats. They have a extensive drink menu as well. However, I haven’t tried any of their actual lunch or dinner dishes so I can’t really comment on those. Although the desserts are somewhat over-priced, most Japanese and Korean dessert places are  as well, and they are still affordable for the quality and the quantity. I apologize for the lack of actual dish names and prices though. I forgot the actual names and prices, and I can’t find them online since they don’t have a website and I can’t find a newer version of their menu. Hopefully my descriptions were helpful enough. Overall, this restaurant is definitely worth the hype. Just remember to look up the location before hand and have it on your phone because it is hard to find.
Midam Rice Cake House 美談餅家 on Urbanspoon

Thanks for reading!

- Jess

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